No words actually. I only can say you are amazing!!
You've got perfect EYE :)

Amy Bombard(non-registered)
Hi Tim,
I found your link in the FPF notice, and I want to thank you for uploading the old photos. So nice to have access to these treasures at our fingertips. I quite admire your own photography as well!
Thank you!
Randy & Kitty Clark(non-registered)
Hi Tim,
Kitty and I have lived here all of our lives (we were born in the early 40s) and we can relate to many of your photos. My dad's first job was at the Esso Filling Station owned by Earl Cross and his Mother. Love the old Earl Cross photos, too.
Thanks for doing this, Phil Jacobs was telling Kitty about your site so we checked it out.
Great Job, thanks so much for sharing.
Shari LaRock-Prevuznak
I grew up in Underhill, as did my Nanny as a child. Mildred Goodrich. She told me some awesome stories about living there, and where things were. I love how some of the old buildings are still there. Would be great if we knew some of the locations, some are easy to recognize. Thank you for putting this up. I hope to add some photo's to your collection, some day soon. Many Blessings.
Jeffrey Davis(non-registered)
Mr. Quinn(non-registered)
Great Job!!!
WOW ! Yes, you are a wonderful photographer for sure. Enjoyed very much looking through your photos and in some of them, I wish I was there. They are all so beautiful.....keep them coming for our enjoyment. :)
Damn you're good! Wish I had the gift.
ps davis(non-registered)
Tim. you are such a gifted photographer!!!!! You have been blessed with a wonderful gift....keep it up...it is just a matter of time before you will be discovered........
Dan D(non-registered)
I love the mix and flow of the different subjects and colors.
Your slide show is pleasant to watch and puts a smile on my face.
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